Connor Coughlin: Traditional Advisory Meets FinTech - The Rise Of A New Model

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  • November 8, 2023

Connor Coughlin, Apex Fintech Solutions Chief Commercial Officer will be speaking at the upcoming Benzinga Fintech Deal Day & Awards. Mark Nov. 13 on your calendar for the must-attend gathering in the fintech industry!

The retail investor has never been more empowered. Access to fractional investing, the ability to ‘tap’ into robo-advisors, and the continued evolution of fintech – all of this is working to break down the barriers to investing. So what does this mean for the fintechs who service these investors and the advisors working to retain and acquire more clients? 

Technology equates to opportunity. Each advancement – from robots to generative AI – provides investors with more options and advisors with the ability to scale. Robo-advisors are increasingly sophisticated and integrated into the entire investment ecosystem. While a crucial tool, robo-advisors can’t replace the human element of evaluating the larger financial health and well-being of a client’s financial life and planning.

Investment management and financial planning are entirely different disciplines. Therefore, the debate around the place of robo in financial management is misplaced. Even when you’re using a human advisor, your portfolio is most often created by a centralized unit, whether that is an outsourced CIO, a robo or something else. Advisors can’t be stock pickers to hundreds of clients—instead, they focus on the financial health and long-term planning for their clients in totality. At Apex, we believe the future of advisory will take the form of a hybrid model, which combines a human and digital experience.

The fractionalization of nearly every asset class is also widening access and creating new investment opportunities for retail investors to jump into areas like fixed income, structured notes, alternatives, and more. In the future, we think the average investor may be able to access instruments that today are only available to the ultra-high-net-worth, thanks to the ongoing lowering of access barriers. 

Just last month (October 2023), our ...

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